The school

The premises

The school is located in a central and well-connected area of Turin near the university campus of Palazzo Nuovo in a residential area, Vanchiglia, easy to reach both by public transport and by car. From its windows it is possible to admire the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of the city, and the main cultural and educational centres of Turin are in the surroundings.
The building that houses our school was rebuilt in the 70s, after the bombings of the Second World War. The structure is on various levels: the basement houses the gym and the canteen; on the ground floor there is a large courtyard; the classrooms are on the mezzanine floor and on the upper floors; on the highest level we have the theatre, the library and a large terrace.

The renovation project of the school has made the premises modern, accessible, functional and suitable to welcome the delicate process of school growth of the children.
The interior spaces – classrooms, laboratories and common areas – have been rethought in the structure and furnishings to ensure comfort, safety, respect for the principles of ergonomics and environmental sustainability.
The outdoor spaces allow children to get in touch with nature while remaining in the heart of the city, and serve to teach them respect for the environment and the community, encouraging dialogue and sociality.


We have designed the classrooms in such a way as to create learning environments suitable for the various stages of growth; we have equipped them with teaching boards and ergonomic furniture that dynamically follow the development of children and young people.

All the classrooms face onto large shaded terraces that provide natural lighting in the rooms and give the possibility to organize small educational gardens outside.



The science laboratory is designed so that the experimental activities take place in complete safety. The furniture is suitable for desk work and interactive training; there are sinks, scientific equipment, digital devices and safety cabinets for materials.
The space dedicated to creativity and music has been redesigned in colours and furnishings, with special attention to acoustic comfort.
We have equipped the gym with anti-trauma flooring and have set it up with safety materials and equipment suitable for the various sports activities, and with the necessary logistical support equipment for the carrying out and succession of activities.


The large canteen space in the basement, which also houses a complete open kitchen and self-service area, has colourful furnishings and board games, because we think it is important to make a pleasant moment of conviviality as fundamental as lunch.


In the corridors on the different floors there are indoor play areas, equipped for recreational moments in the cold seasons.
The large courtyard at the entrance to the school houses outdoor play areas and is also equipped for sports activities. The eco-sustainable equipment and the setting up of small educational gardens are intended to educate children, directly and indirectly, about good sustainability practices.


The courtyard will be transformed into a preparatory area for educational activities, in particular recreational and sports activities, a meeting place for the strengthening of social relations.
To this end, some interventions are planned to improve environmental comfort, through the introduction of new plantings and systems to encourage shading during the summer period and the reduction of noise pollution from the road. The courtyard will be provided with equipment for the practice of sports activities, anti-shock flooring for protection from falls, seats and tables to encourage moments of gathering. The terraces overlooking the classrooms will be equipped with boxes to create educational gardens, thus creating an open-air classroom where children and young people will learn to observe nature.