Secondary school

Italian Programme + Cambridge Lower Secondary

The Italian ministerial programme goes hand in hand with the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme and both are modulated in such a way as to enhance each other’s strengths.
For this reason

  • The subjects English L1 (English as a first language), English L2 (English as a second language), Mathematics, Science, Technology and Global Perspectives, characteristic of the Cambridge programme, are taught in English, while those in the humanities, arts and citizenship areas are taught in Italian;
  • the teaching programme continues with a balanced combination of qualified Italian teachers, bilingual teachers and native speakers..

Moreover, the age of the students allows us to devote even more attention to educational bilingualism and the experimental scientific approach.

In particular, the teaching of the humanities area is enriched by modules conducted with the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology, now compulsory in the Italian secondary school, which integrates the foreign language with the contents of all subjects, under the guide of mother tongue and bilingual teachers who are experts in the methodology.

Finally, the teaching approach remains open to experimental methodologies that enhance the role of experience and comparison to achieve conscious and lasting learning (in particular “learning by doing” and “flipped classroom”).