Primary school

The continuity project

From primary school to secondary school

In order to facilitate the transition to the Lower Secondary School cycle, starting from class 4 of the Primary School we promote educational activities involving children and teachers from both school levels, especially in the scientific and creative areas. These activities have a practical and experiential content and take place mainly in the school’s science and computer labs.
The Cambridge course also includes two disciplines introduced between primary and lower secondary schools that play an important role in ensuring continuity between cycles: Global Perspectives and ICT Starters.

Global Perspectives is a program designed to stimulate students to look at the subjects of study in a global way, overcoming the fragmentation of traditional school education; ICT Starters is the discipline that aims to give the so-called “digital natives” a true technological literacy and therefore not only practical skills but above all tools to use with awareness the devices they have always had at their disposal. Both these programs start an educational journey that accompanies our students throughout their school career and represents an important element of educational continuity.